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Winged Seeds
Título del libro. Winged Seeds
Сategoría Reggae
Fecha de Lanzamiento 10/12/2013
Autor Katharine Susannah Prichard
Número de Páginas
ISBN 9781742699424
Editor Allen&unwin
Descargar Formatos: Epub, Azw, Odf, Mobi, Fb2, Ibooks, Pdf, Lit, Cbt
Tamaño de Archivo 30 Mb
Descargar 2590

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Winged Seeds is the concluding novel to Katharine Susannah Prichards far-reaching goldfields trilogy.It is 1936. Sally Gough is now a widow, living with her lover Frisco de Morphe, who has always loved her. The third generation of Goughs, Sallys grandchildren, make their lives on the land.Once again, global events threaten to overtake them: the Depression has tightened its hold. There is tumult at home on the goldfields. Sallys grandson Bill has taken up the torch of socialism from his uncle Tom Gough and organises his fellow miners.Then war breaks out, and Sallys family is threatened as never before as Bill and his comrades are called away to the trenches of Europe.